Gastronomical Delights – The Louis Cooper Edition

There are plenty of cookbooks out there. There are healthy ones too. But there isn’t one like this. A fun filled, hunger-busting delight that will keep you filled, your budget intact and help you lose weight (if you so choose). Welcome to the Louis Cooper Adventure!

I have been an admirer of Louis, long before I was his friend. His honesty when growing his knowledge of nutrition and bodybuilding was a fascinating approach instead of all the so-called “gurus” and “naturals” that have “made it”. Yes, you may have a ripped body, but at what cost?

It was the sincerity that first got me paying attention. Then came the pictures.

I started sharing these on my blog and they’ve become hits. The man knows how to take a good picture. And it seems that his cooking skills are getting way better (ladies, he’s single…but at this rate, I’m not sure for how long).

Once his creations went into desserts, I had to stop sharing. Purely because I couldn’t bare to see the amazing goodness that was being created on my way home from work. Especially if you’re aiming to go home and exercise and then eat better. Desserts definitely don’t help.

To top it off, the recent 10,000 calorie challenge had me going into a food coma just from watching it.

Plus he made it harder on himself by not doing liquid calories. You’ll have to watch to the end to see how it unfolds. And you know what? He’s honest.

This book is jam packed with great food, that is fun to make and keep you satisfied. I don’t often do this, but I believe in his work. No, I don’t make a cent out of this – just want to spread the word about excellent work.

And at AUD$9.99 for 24 recipes, you’d be paying more for coffee. But if you order through this link, Louis will be generously doing a 25% discount when you use “TheDomesticTraveller”. Even less than a small coffee for each recipe!

Now that’s a bargain! You got to do it. And whilst you’re there – subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram – @louiseats

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