Wonderland in OZ – The Hatter and The Hare

This is the first time ever that I had my readers approach me to complete a review. Plus being a local in the area, definitely helped too. What started off as a small request turned into something even more extravagant. One of them being the generosity of the owners that not only ensured my meals were plenty but that most of their food was covered in my review. I wished I had a second stomach. At the end of my review, my sides were splitting, from laughter and the delicious food. Step into the rabbit hole…


I got to say, Bayswater is the new and upcoming suburb. Seems like all the infrastructure investments are starting to pay off. One word of caution is the limited parking – you will need to park around Anytime Fitness. Trust me, by the end of eating here, you will be grateful for the short walk back to your car.


Alright people, pull up your seat and get ready for a read. This is going to be a gastronomical adventure.

HnH-3I started off with the Darkhorse blend which consisted of beans mixed from Tanzania, Kenya and Colombia. The smell was fragrant and the taste subtle yet bold. If I had to use a term, it kinda reminded me of being earthy, down to earth and refreshing. Though I was told I needed to come back in a couple of weeks when the new beans and new coffee machine were coming on board. James Boon, the head barista ensured that my coffee would be to perfection!

HnH-25The Duncan Farm from Panama, just a simple brew, completely blew me away. It was simple and elegant, yet sophisticated. I haven’t had a coffee like this before and was definitely a welcomed addition!


LW had the orange juice and there is nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice to really perk up your day.

Her meal was the first to arrive – the Benedictine Adventure: Pressed Pork Shoulder, Hash Brown, Apple, Poached Eggs, Yuzu Hollandaise and Pork Scratchings (19). The pork was tender, succulent and juicy. HnH-24The eggs were runny and a good addition to the meal. I liked that their hash brown was filled with quinoa and had carrots that were added to the crumbed golden and crispy coating. HnH-22The hollandaise sauce was another welcome addition – and the pork scratchings just topped it off!

HnH-11Then my Tweedledum Burger (17) arrived: Angus Beef, Lettuce, Tomato, Mustard and Tomato Jam, pickles served with beer battered chips. One word – gastronomical.HnH-33 The various combinations as a whole really brought out the best of this burger. I loved the combination of the jam and the pickles – it really made the burger pop. HnH-34The chips were just the way I love it. Crunchy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside.

HnH-46Then came the desserts… Oh. My. Lawd. They really brought out the goods this time. And here they are… one by one in all it’s goodness.

Lime Log Éclair – this was a great dessert. Filled with custard, this log really allowed the lime to really shine through.

Salted Caramel Éclair – Stick a fork in me, I’m done. This thing was so so amazing. It was light, fluffy and the salted caramel inside was so delicious. You know what, no amount of words can actually summise this dessert. To be honest, this is by far, the best salted caramel eclair I have ever had, topping even my favourite, Le Petit Gateau.

Cannele – the brown delicious filled with cream would be an excellent companion to a strong dark coffee.

Croissant – This was delicious, soft and fluffy. Add the cream and jam and you were in for a treat!

Escargo – The pistachio covered baked goodness was fine. No cream or jam needed. Enjoy it by itself.

Scone and Sultana Scone – the fluffyness of it all. The freshness of these desserts were just bursting in your mouth.


As the owners were generous, I didn’t keep a tab of the cost. But you could easily spend $50 here and be left satisfied. Heck, you could even spend $30 and it would be filling. Their meals are amazing, but it’s the desserts that you need to have. If anything, these guys can be known for their high tea. I can see this easily. And a high tea in Bayswater? Yes please!


The open planned seating that caters for 160 people, is perfect for the family. I have been told that it can fit a double seater pram. And you know what, this is the kind of fun, family place that Bayswater needs.


This was day 2 of their opening and there were challenged. However, they really picked up their game as the time went on. What’s even more amazing, is how well they were able to handle all the influx of all the customers that they had. Literally there were people streaming in. And for a weekday, I was completely blown away.

The Domestic Traveller Extra


This is a 5 way partnership between George, Mary, Vinnie, Connie and Becky. This was in the works for close to 2 years and George wanted to move away from doing corporate events to something more personal. He wanted to invite people into his home on a giant scale. What’s even better? He taught himself all his skills. He trained as an Architect but wanted to do something that he was really passionate about. Plus, they made the decision to focus on hiring most (I think there is only one that isn’t) of their staff from the local community.

At the end of this entire experience, I felt like I truly was at home. I was laughing and bursting at the seams with the deliciousness of the food. Great food and helping the local community with jobs? Thank you for opening up in Bayswater.HnH-51


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Looking for speciality coffee in the suburbs? Then look no further than the awesome Coffee Interchange guys in Bayswater! The suburb is starting to get better!

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