Melbourne Mondays – It’s Easter

It’s the week leading up to Easter and whilst most people are spending it based on chocolates make sure you know the real reason behind the tradition.

Annual Melbourne Passion Play

I’m taking part in the outdoor play again this year. I wrote about playing the bad guy before, but this time I have been fortunate enough to secure the roles of John The Baptist and Pontius Pilate. I like to think that I am playing the role of the Jesus Sandwich on stage – I introduce the man and then kill him.
Heck some people started calling me JP. John Pilate. I chose JB. You know, Justin Bieber. Because recently he was on his “Purpose” Tour. And even though the Baptist was about forgiving sins, when someone asked me, “is it too late to say sorry?” To which, I love replying, “for you; yes”.
I could go on, and whilst my hilarity won’t be infused into the play, you should come down and watch. It’s free and non-denominational! Bring a small chair, warm clothes and prepare yourself for the Annual Melbourne Passion Play.
Around the town, especially where you are, you can check out the local Easter egg hunts. Make sure to support your local business – I will be, hop onto Facebook and you should be able to find out any of the events closest to you (ensure you have your GPS turned on and then select “Events”).
Enjoy your chocolate fix but also enjoy the extra time with your family and give them the most precious gift of them all – your time.
And make sure you are smart on the roads – it’s 5 days of double demerit points from Thursday. So no being speed demons!
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