Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Review

It’s been hotly anticipated, and finally released. You’re excited to go see it. Should you? Well here’s my honest spoiler free review.

Character Development

Maybe it’s just me, but I always like to see characters go through some transformation on screen. Something, anything! However here, the studios ensured that everyone’s growth moved only an inch across all the main capabilities – empathy, understanding, love etc. With the exception of Star Lord (and the implicated characters in his direct narrative – Rocket and Yandu), I was underwhelmed by everyone else’s growth. Either they chose to ensure they demonstrated more of the same – Drax has internal sorrow whilst also being a little off with his laughter, Gomorra still a little stand-offish and Groot being cute. Okay, I’ll leave Groot alone, but seriously, I wonder how much Vin Diesel is being paid to play that character.

I did find Star Lord’s journey more appealing as he went through the whole gamut of emotions to grow as a character. And I really took to Chris Pratt in this role as he really made differing emotions show. From denial to acceptance, to outright insurrection to the status quo, Chris did a fantastic job.


This is the journey of Star Lord’s journey of self-discovery by finally meeting his biological father whilst running another errand as the Guardians Of The Galaxy. Of course, the whole fiasco runs a little amok when Rocket decides to be Rocket and take something that doesn’t belong to him. And what ensues is a three-way story of the “gold” people chasing them for the stolen artefacts (whilst also employing Yandu to do the same), Star Lord’s father intervening and Gomorra’s sister causing havoc. Saying any more would be giving too much away. (Note to self: maybe write a spoiler review instead…)

Easter Eggs

You know there is a Stan Lee cameo. But all the other links are what makes this awesome. If you’re not fast enough, you’ll miss the link to Thor Ragnarok in there! Also, the watchers and 2 more that I shall leave you to discover for yourself.

Post Credit Links

Yes, there is one. And not the fake one that they put halfway through the credits.

This line contains spoilers for the die-hard fans (you’ve been warned): Adam.


I was lucky enough to go with a group that had a comic aficionado that could point out all the things that they took liberties with in making the movie. Like even the main plot was not real. And I, as a slight fan, knew that something was off the moment I heard it gives you a good insight of how off-putting it was.

But should you go watch it? YES for the CGI and the explosions and music awesomeness but NOT for the plot. It lacked the polish of Avengers 2 and I would put it as the Matrix 2 sequel – where they went over the top with the action/CGI. So if you’re thinking of something to do in Melbourne or over the weekend, then you have my opinion.

On my 3 scale system:

Wait for the Blu-Ray release (Nope)
Cheap Ticket Viewing (Maybe)
Spare No Expense (HELL YES)

This is a solid: Cheap Ticket Viewing

Did you like this post? Did you see the movie and agree or disagree with my review? Have I convinced you to go? Let me know in the comments below!

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