Think Tuesdays: Finding Your Voice

I recently read a post on my favourite website Quora that really changed my perspective on how I go on with my blog. I admire Nicolas Cole and follow his Instagram as well. I enjoy his writing and timeless pieces. More than anything, his writing is genuine, from the heart and like a conversation with a friend. So this article really made me sit up and think. I’ll let him do the rest.

Nicolas Cole
Nicolas Cole, entrepreneur mentored by some incredible entrepreneurs.

2 thoughts on “Think Tuesdays: Finding Your Voice

  1. The Lazy Curl says:

    Your piece popped up in my Facebook feed at just the right moment. I’ve been ghost writing for other people’s blogs for a long time (as a paid endeavor – not enough to make a living on and I didn’t want the hassle of maintaining one) and recently was advised stop that you should start your own! Well I was about to embark on the ‘I’m going to write a blog’, making all the mistakes you’ve made clear. Now my journey will avoid all those pitfalls and I can start attaching my name to my voice. Thank you so much for your very timely piece – I’m sure you saved me money, time and unnecessary angst!

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    • I’m glad I could help. Though the credit must go to Nicolas Cole. He’s the one that inspired the piece and his answer was so comprehensive that if I tried to rehash it, I would be wasting my time. You should follow his work on Quora. It’s pretty damn awesome.

      Plus, ghostwriting as a paid endeavour is still pretty cool. And after 4 years, I’m still finding my voice, so you’re not alone. Glad it could be of help. If you do need anything, feel free to reach out!


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