Mrs Luu’s Cooking Alright

A quick lunch stop, a grand recommendation and now on my recommend list.



Mrs Luus-2
I had the Pork Meatball in the Rice Noodle salad. The pork was amazing and the noodle salad was phenomenal. And the peanuts were amazing.

Easily a full and delicious meal!

TDT: 2.0/2.0


This came as the biggest shock to me. This all came to an amazing $12.

TDT: 1.0/1.0


Unfortunately, I needed to get back to work and we didn’t get the chance to eat in. However, the place was cozy and I found their popularity made the best option to takeaway.

TDT: 0.5/1.0


Mrs Luus-1
Honestly, with the company I had, I was too busy discussing work related items that I didn’t have a chance to notice the service. They were busy with all the other orders and for the first time, I saw a shop swamped with Uber Eats orders and they were struggling to keep up.

Something for all shops to ponder.

TDT: 0.5/1.0


Mrs Luu's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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