Deliciousness at Denis The Menace

The food was amazing. The service? Not so much.

This was a welcome and bon voyage lunch and once again, the company did help the venue out.


Denis_The_Menace-1Ok. First of all, I have tasted a lot of Massaman Curry but this thing is the bomb. Purely as it’s so far out there that it made me sit up and take notice.

The rice was still cooking in the stew which I found fascinating. Then the chopped cashews? Omg. It was done so well. And the shaved toppings. Holy hell it was amazing. And the lamb. Oh that sweet delectable lamb that just melted off the bone. My gosh it was heavenly. Seriously? It was worth it.



Admittedly, I scoffed at the $23 price tag. I mean sure it’s Richmond but $23? It would have to be amazing.

Luckily, it was.



I liked the place. It was quirky and as one of my lunch companions said, “quite Brooklynish”.




Right. Sit up and pay attention management. One of your wait staff actively avoided eye contact with the table. I mean, I understand we all have our down days but making eye contact and then turning away was the last straw. You would’ve tanked in this segment had it not been for one of your gentleman staff that brought the service up to scratch. Literally saved you from a 0.


TDT: 3.75/5.0

I am not sure if I would come back here again. The Massaman was mean, but not enough to bring me back. Takeaway? Maybe. But eat-in. Well, not at this stage.

Denis The Menace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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2 thoughts on “Deliciousness at Denis The Menace

    • The food was great but the service was terrible. If the staff at the end wasn’t so awesome, I would have written an email to the management.

      In some situations, the customer isn’t right. Here, actively avoiding eye contact? Please, that’s just ridiculous.


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