Wonder Woman Review

We are spoiled. This is one awesome movie that you should definitely go see!

Character Development

No one is a fan of Batman VS Superman. Well amongst the people I know. Besides, if they bucked the trend, then we are no longer friends. YAY FOR CONFIRMATION BIAS!

Suicide Squad, on the other hand, did it for me, given that it was done from a different perspective.

From a purist perspective, I cannot say how faithful the movie was to Wonder Woman’s story but gawd damn they did an amazing job. The way they went about telling it and showing her growth. It was watching this super amazing being grow up from innocence to battle hardened warrior…. whilst she was a full grown adult. It was amazing. Hell, even the ending was amazing. Well, the twist before the end.

Call me a sucker, but I am a fan of superhero movies. They inspire us all to be better versions of ourselves.


This is all about Diana’s backstory. And they do a damn fine job. It starts when Christopher Pine’s character (aka Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movie series) crash-lands into her island with the Nazis in tow. Epic battle scene on the beach where the Amazonians still win but are hopelessly outclassed as they brought knives (arrows, swords and spears) to a gun fight.

Diana then joins the team to go fight back.

The epic war scenes are amazing and the struggle for Captain Kirk to tell Diana about modern civilisation is just the right amount of subtle humour it needs.

Easter Eggs

There wasn’t any that I could see. Apart from the link from Batman Vs Superman to  Wonder Woman. I still think it was a nice touch and done really well.

Post Credit Links

Don’t waste your time, there is none. Yes people… you can actually go home after the movie is finished.


Gawd Damn. Gal Gadot. She did an absolutely fine job in presenting her character. And she is a beautiful woman too and her on-screen presence is a throwback to the old days of grace and poise.

Plus there is one scene in the movie that really got me. Zach Snyder did a great job in capturing the essence. Kirk and Wonder Woman were dancing in the street, and there is zoom in to see their two faces and all the other sounds have faded away. And it pulls back. And the sounds are still muted. And all you have is them in focus, just the two of them dancing, with everyone else just a slight blur in the background.

On my 3 scale system:

Wait for the Blu-Ray release (Nope)
Cheap Ticket Viewing (Maybe)
Spare No Expense (HELL YES)

I think this is better than a Cheap Ticket Viewing but not enough for a Spare No Expense viewing.

Did you like this post? Did you see the movie and agree or disagree with my review? Have I convinced you to go? Let me know in the comments below!

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