Angie’s Dumpling Bar

I’m on a quest to find the place that serves the best Char Keow Teow. Angies bar comes close.

Located in the bustling Knox Ozone – watching the chefs make the dumplings is truly one of life’s simple pleasures. And if you can, I highly recommend sitting outdoors – even when it’s cold so that you can enjoy the cooking show.

The venue is quite nice and the internal decor really catches your eye.

The service we had was a little slow, but then again, I also noticed that they were inundated with customers. Given that all their menu had the picture of the dish with the name, ensured you were hungry for the meal you had ordered.
When it comes to the food, my quest for the Char Keow Teow still continues. Angie’s Dumpling Bar entrant was solid, but lacked the necessary spice that I am used to. I also had with beef – an option that is often not available when you do ask for Char Keow Teow: you’re given what you’re given.
The fried dumplings were nice – and so so juicy. I think my friend and I ended losing most of it’s delicious contents over the table instead of our mouths – hahaha.

The biggest drawback of the food was that it was served so hot, that I scalded my mouth from eating it. Matched with how delayed the food was from the kitchen – the hunger easily outweighed the pain of the heat. So please consider this before you eat here.

The cost wasn’t exhorbitant, but I have noticed that since Westfield has taken over Knox, prices for eating out in general have gone up.

TDT: 3.5/5.0

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