The Best Worst Kept Secret – Charming Spice

Quite a lot of my old work colleagues would also mention about this location. And I thought – you know what, I need to finally go and check it out. And you know what? It did not disappoint. Make sure you bring cash and an appetite!


Your best bet is to get here via public transport. It’s such a small venue that you could go past it. If you are doing lunch here, I would highly recommend that you go here around 11:30am to avoid the lunch time rush. And if you are conntemplating dinner, then make sure you get here before 7pm.


We got 3 dishes:

Kung Pao Chicken on Rice (12.80)
This wasn’t the best kung pao chicken… but the cashews really sold this dish for me! I still rate it as my top choice for this restaurant.

Cumin Coated Beef on Rice (13.80)
I could eat this dish all by itself. All. For. Me. I highly recommend you try this dish.

Fish Fillets in Hot Chilli (13.80)
Good lawd – if you’re going to get this dish, then you better be prepared. This dish is hellish hot. Proceed with caution and only if you are daring. Seriously. Good luck!
I loved it, but not the aftermath. Just saying. And that’s ALL I’m saying.



Depending on how many people you go with, two is plenty. But 3, well that’s when you have 2 guys with big appetites!



Like with most Asian restaurants, this came to life and was buzzing like crazy. I think the thing that struck me the most was no matter how busy it got, you could still hear one another.

Although the spacing between tables is insanely close. To be honest, it was by far the most amazing use of space. I loved the efficiency!



If there is one thing that I enjoy, it’s efficiency of service. The staff were keen to get our orders so it could be prepared and we would be out of the way. Plus, they were keen to choose our drinks first and then the food.

Once the drinks orders were taken, it was really quick to get our food order. Plus, once we were done, the question was asked whether we would like more drinks.

Furthermore, once a table was cleared, the speed at which, the table was reset was insane. It was like watching a formula 1 pit stop. In awe and humbled!



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