The Burrito Bowl at Poncho Food Truck

I got the burrito bowl not knowing what to expect. And ensured it had the spicy topping. Needless to say… I need to start working on spice tolerance again.

I’m honoured that the Cremorne Food truck idea has taken off.

The food trucks often rock up from 11am to 2pm and are parked in the car lot in Cubitt street. And unless you know about it, you could miss it. If you’re in the area, then you need to put this on your map. Plus – make sure you follow their Instagram @foodtruckscremorne to get the latest updates.

Poncho Mexican_FT-2

There were plenty of choices, but I was peckish, so I went for something I knew would satisfy the hunger pangs.

Poncho Mexican_FT-1

I chose the burrito bowl which consisted of black beans, mexican rice and chicken. Now the chicken had it’s own spice and that alone is worthy of a standalone meal. And the rice could be eaten for days at a time.

Poncho Mexican_FT-4

Whenever I consider buying food, I look at what I call, the “food trifecta”. Quallity, Quantity and Cost. I’m even more acutely aware of this, when choosing a food truck. In the past, I’ve been annoyed at the exorbitant prices. Howev,er knowing a food truck owner can change your perspective.

Quite often it’s not that the labour costs are high but the entry fees to events where these owners get noticed, are astronomcial. That doesn’t discount the scrupulous amongst them but I find those owners few and far between when it comes to a pure food truck business.

I digress, the food here was enjoyable and satisfying to quench a bigger hunger. If anything it was too big to be enjoyed and the food got cold before it was finished. My only suggestion would be to either change the packaging or lower the amount of food (and invariably the price point).
Poncho Mexican_FT-3
Still an awesome experience and one I would recommend you try.


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