A Quiet Meal At Lello Bar

Lello Bar is a place I would recommend for a quiet dinner or a cheeky couple of cocktails.


If you work in the city, you’re in for a treat – the public transport system will get you there. If you are planning on driving in, and depending on the day – there is plenty of parking neaby.


The food was exactly what you want from an Italian Restraurant. Warm. Filling. And fresh. Maybe I need to lift my game because I the restaurants I normally frequent, don’t live up to my expectations. But Lello was spot on.

LPB-1Handmade Potato Gnocchi: Flinders Island “Salt Bush” Lamb, Saffron lemon and ricotta salata (27.80) and an espresso martini (19). That meal was beautiful and you could taste the tenderness of the lamb.

The espresso martini wasn’t to the standard I like – there was something a little amiss – but alas. The meal is the real ticket here.



It’s an Italian restaurant and it’s in the higher end part of town, what do you expect? Value for me? Definitely.



I liked the comfortable coziness of the place. You could have a good conversation with your partner or have a couple of loud conversations at the bar… if you felt so inclined.



The service was top notch with the waiter on top of our every need. I don’t think either CR or I had to ask for water to be poured onto the table. It happened without expectation. Even more interesting was that when it first started off, we couldn’t get our order to go through, but he sensed our displeasure when we ordered and the service rebounded. Now that’s what I call a great save!



Lello Pasta Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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