Tapping in at Two Johns

Tullamarine has finally opened the swathe of new restaurants. And Two Johns does not disappoint. Just make sure you’re not in a rush.


It’s in Tullamarine airport, closer to the Virgin departure lounge. If you’re a constant traveller then this might be a good spot for you. Just, as always, don’t be in a rush.


I had the Aussie burger and by burger standards, it would suffice. I liked the croquet on top – that sealed the deal for me.

The coffee was good. But not good enough for my standards. This has nothing to do with the restaurant and everything to do with my tastes. Hell – if anything I realised that perhaps on this trip, it would be the last chance for me to get a real cup of coffee. I shuddered to think that I was going to America and was warned that Starbucks is considered good coffee…. (shiver)



It was $19 for the burger and around $5 for the coffee. Decent by Melbourne standards. Thank you for not gouging the travellers! We love you for it.



I liked that place was spread out. And every traveller could set themselves up. Plus the openess ensured you could people gaze any time you need to peer up from your phone, laptop, or both.

Check out the railings – they have power plugs. You’re welcome.



I was a little annoyed that I just missed out on the breakfast menu, but alas I know how kitchens work, and in the end, I was late, so it cannot be a reflection of the staff.

Plus, the gentleman that served me was extra kind. He could see that I was already fatigued from the checking in process and ensured that I got everything that I asked for (cutlery as well as extra napkins). Though, I reckon, cutlery should come automatically. But, it’s a minor thing. And the extra napkins were great.

The only thing I did not like, was how slow the kitchen was in bringing the food out. Mega negative points for that. The service could not save you here. Sorry guys.



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