The Wonder Of Off-Broadway Musical Cleopatra

When a good friend asks if I want to go see an off-broadway musical, the only response you should have is “hell yes”. The best part? We got in as part of a deal and the ticket only ended up costing me USD $5!

I need to give kudos to all the people that performed. I mean, hell, if this is “off-broadway” and this is the talent… like DAMN! Without further ado (and stealing it from their handout)…

Music by Jeff Daye
Lyrics by Laura Kleinbaum and Jeff Daye
additional material by Drew Fornarola


NYA as Cleopatra
Christian Brailsford as Marc Antony
Sydney Parra as Iris
Corbin Payne as Octavian
Brendan Henderson, Alison Ingelstrom, Yuriko Miyake, Cody Mowrey, Alexia Sielo, Timothy Wilson and Audrey Rose Young as citizens of Alexandria.

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Now, pull up a chair, grab a beverage and let it unfold. The best thing to do? Play MJ’s remember the time and watch the show. You will not be disappointed.

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This is part of my New York series from my US Trip. Keep scrolling and enjoy them all.

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