Mister Rogers Neighbourhood Review

What a way to kick off this decade with an amazing movie that I have been waiting to see ever since it was announced. I tried to temper my expectations. I failed. And boy was I glad I did.

Fred Rogers was a beloved children’s TV show host of the popular show, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. Together with his cast (that I vividly remember), of King Friday XIII, Daniel Striped Tiger, Lady Aberlin, Mr. McFeely, they would host shows tackling some of the most challenging topics.

I still remember the episode about the African American police officer having his feet in the same small clam pool with Mr. Rogers. I couldn’t understand back then, and looking it up these days, it was to help children understand the racism and the story of where acid was thrown on African American people in a pool.

Another episode covered if your friend is in a wheelchair. Even though they might be different, they still want to play and have fun like you.

Or the one where your friend has two Mummys or two Daddys. All in a way that a child could understand.

Heck when I was in New York and found out they had a “best of” of his episodes, I had to get it for my niece and nephew. And even now when I watch it with them, it still brings back a sense of calm and peace that just seems to be lacking in the world today.

There are 2 videos I always recommend people watch to get a better insight of this man.

The first is him fighting for additional funding for the television network to keep pre-school shows on the air.

The other is his acceptance speech. Watch this second.

Oh the trip down memory lane. But you’re here for a review…

Tom Hanks does a stellar job of this role and I honestly don’t think anyone could have done it better.

It is truly a story of redemption and changing your perspective on what mattered most. It was good that they showed Fred Rogers as a human being, getting angry in his own ways and also finally settling the rumour about him being a sniper.

And the music and the story and just everything… it was simply wonderful.

This is one movie I would recommend you get as soon as it comes out. It will be a classic.

And if you have young kids, perhaps consider getting his shows so they can learn more about the real world too.

TDT:10 stars out of 5

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