Bountiful Burgers at Balwyn Canteen

After multiple raves about this place, I finally managed to make my way down to it. The best surprise? How close it was to One Piece Cafe. Balwyn has just raised the steaks in the burger market.


Located on the main street of Mountain Highway, you should try and find a parking spot off the main road.


BalwynCanteen-3My friend, who is a regular here, recommended I try the BFC: Double buttermilk fried chicken, fried jalapeno, slaw, swiss cheese and habanero mayo. All I can say, is that this deliciousness has overthrown the Arbory’s buttermilk burger. It was succulent, tender and the flavour just explode in your mouth. And… you do not need fries or anything else with this. This will fill you up all by itself.

I also opted for a thickshake because it brought together 2 of my favourite items – coffee and salted caramel. And it was amazing. It took me most of the night to finish. But my gawd I did not need it.


Together it was around $30. Would I say it’s worth 30? Yes. Worth every single cent.


BalwynCanteen-2The place was pretty small and it would be suited for a take away, but no food should be taken away tbh. If you got a seat inside or outside, you’re guaranteed to have fun.


Their service was top notch. Big smiles to begin with and lots of energy from the staff.


Balwyn Canteen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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