The Awesomeness That Is Jacob Collier

I do not confess to know which YouTube rabbit hole I fell in to, but boy am I glad I did to have discovered Jacob Collier. I personally feel that we get to watch a genius in action. And I don’t throw that term around easily either.

Jacob Collier AU
He is literally a one man band. One of his earlier renditions was picked up by Quincy Jones. THE Quincy Jones who signed him straight away.

Here’s my other favourite classic he has re-done (at the age of 16 or so?)
Isn’t She Lovely

Pretty Young Thing

And this is the song that was done with Tori Kelly, an artist that collaborated with my other favourite band – Pentatonix.

Whilst this is a Daniel Caesar song, called Best Part, the rendition below was jsut amazing!

And just for fun, his take on The Flintstones theme.

You can find his YouTube channel here.

As always with any artist I discover, they always have a habit of touring in the country just AFTER I discover them. Oh well, I will be on the mailing list for the next time he comes down under!

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