[WP] The lottery is an Institution designed to catch Time Travelers.

I don’t know how many reports I had done today. Does anyone even care?

Roger is a day trader for a very respectable Fortune 50 company.

It’s like the same drivel day in and day out. Perhaps this whole work thing is meant to keep us in debt. Working for something that we cannot attain. Why is it that the money divide is so wide? It’s not like I am stupid. In fact, I would say that I am smarter than most of the people. And when I look around everyone just has this dull glaze in their eyes. And when you take public transport, it’s almost like we are the cattle going to the slaughter house to work and then come back.

He’s had a string of success recently but with each eventual promotion, it seems like that the world around him is starting to crumble. Everything is just pointless. Maybe, just maybe he shouldn’t have started reading Orwell’s works.

I mean, no matter how hard you work, or if you do stellar work, it means nothing. Everything is designed to keep you fenced in.

What I need is to win the lottery.

Yeah, like what kind of chance do I have. I ran the numbers… you’d be better off working multiple jobs and saving rather than getting a lottery ticket. Gah this is so stupid. There has to be a better way. A sure fire method.

Roger dreamed of being an astronaut. An adventurer, going to places that no one has been to. Hell, he’d just want to be free and travel wherever he wanted to. If anything, the random quote of the day kept coming back to him “I always wondered why birds who have wings and the freedom to fly anywhere always chose to stay in the same spot. Then I asked the same question of man.” It started raining and Roger pulled his coat closer to him.

Psst, hey kid.

Roger whipped around.

Hey Kid?

Sorry, I don’t have any spare money.

The man looked unkempt and there was a pungent odour coming from him.

It’s not that. I have enough. Actually more than enough. What if instead I gave it all to you?

Oh yeah? And how much are we talking about? A few bucks? No harm in humouring the guy

Think about the largest amount you can.

A 100 trillion dollars. Do you have that much?

One better. Every time you open a wallet or any card you touch, it will automatically have unlimited funds. Yours to spend as you will.

Right. There’s always a catch.

Yes there is.


Calm down my man.

Then and there, a bright light shown around the man and his disheveled look fell away and he was wearing an immaculate three piece white suit with two tone shoes and a fedora. He had a cane with the biggest diamond Roger had ever seen.

What the hell?!

The catch is, I cannot get the money.

Right, so it’s not my money to spend? Knew it

No it is yours. I just want to know why I am not allowed to cash it in.

Ok, so what am I supposed to do?

If you help me, you’ll get all the money you need.

Roger’s mind whirred. He had to make this fool proof.

Oh yeah. I’ve seen this before. Next thing you know, I have a whole lot of people after me and everyone is trying to kill me. Even if I get bodyguards, I will always checking over my shoulder. No. I need something more. Can you grant more wishes?

Do I look like a genie?

Do you want me to help you?

What do you want?


That will cost you. And given that you won’t need it, I think it’s more than a fair deal.

Oh yeah?

Your soul.

As an agnostic, this disturbed Roger. The fact that this guy wanted the soul, means that the whole concept of good and evil, heaven and hell… good and evil…. Devil and God could all potentially exist.

But if go for this deal, I will never die. So technically I won’t need it. And given that I have all the money and time in the world, I can just live the high life all the time!

A smile spread across Roger’s face.
Before I say yes, can I at least know your name?


Well Leon, you have just obtained one healthy Roger soul.

Then shake on it.

The moment their hands met, Roger felt this instant cold from within his core and before he knew it, everything suddenly became more vivid and the colours became unimaginable. It was like every sense was on fire and on point. This is either a hallucination or what a drug high feels like.

Leon smiled.
And now all you got to do Roger, is take this ticket, go to your closest lottery outlet and play the biggest draw you want.

Huh. But is this a one time thing?

No. That’s the beauty. Once you give them the ticket, they’ll give you a part back. That part will automatically regenerate and will always be with you wherever you go. You cannot escape it and it will not leave your side. The next time you need money, just use the regenerated ticket and you’ll be good to go again.


Roger looked up and lo and behold, there it was a lottery outlet! He rushed in.

There was a well dressed man in a suit reading the financial times.
Of course. Buddy ol’ pal. My life is about to change right before your eyes. Leon…

Leon was no where to be seen.

Well… let’s see if this ticket really works.

Hi, could you please check if my ticket won in that 100 million dollar jackpot?

Sure, let’s check it.

Roger didn’t need anything to see verify his win. The cashier’s eyes were wide enough and he couldn’t even say it.

You….. you have won. Holy shit. You won. YOU WON!

Oh yeah? How much?
Roger was trying not to be overly excited.

You hit the jackpot you won the first division, 100 million.

The man in the suit looked up, raised his eyebrows, shrugged his shoulders and went back to reading the magazine.

Roger couldn’t care less.

This thing was real. He looked at his ticket and just as Leon said, it had already regenerated.

It was a whirlwhind from there on in. The lotto company was called and within 45 minutes, there were people around him ushering him to go into a limosuine to go back to their headquarters and wait whilst everything was sorted.

He went with them, but also asked Damian his lawyer world to join him. And when they arrived at the office suite, Damian was there waiting.

What the hell happened Roger?

Damo… I won!

Won what?

The 100 million.

No fucking way.

Hell Fucking WAY

They were both jumping around like idiots.

I am here man, if ever you need help in spending the cash, just let me know.

Damo…. do not worry you’ll be right there with me.

Then across the road, Roger saw the same man with the financial times magazine looking at him.

Thought so…. it did make his day. But how did he get here.


When they went up, Roger and Damian were taken into a big room with a massive mahogany desk and lush leather chairs. Ferns peppered the office. It smelled like money was not an issue here.

Welcome gentlemen. Please have a seat.

They both sat down.

As you can understand, we need to verify these things before we disburse the money.

Yeah, I absolutely understand….

And the seat turned and it was the same man.

What the hell?

With that, the man pulled out a glowing gun and shot Damian. He was instantly frozen. Literally had icicles hanging from him.

What the hell? DAMO!

He’s fine Roger. Now. We need to talk.

What have you done to Damian?! I am not going to talk until you reverse whatever you have done.

Oh Roger he’s fine. He’s just in suspended animation. You know what that is. All those comics you’ve read growing up.
What we want to know is where you got that ticket from?

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Well, either you cooperate or Damian is flicked. Ice is so brittle.

You murderer.

It’s not like we haven’t done this before. We have stopped your kind before and we will do it again. However you are getting through, that is what we are going to stop and shut down once and for all..

What the hell are you even about?!

You time travellers are all the same. It always starts with money and we have let it go unchecked and before you know it, they try to change the way the world is supposed to be.

What are you? Some kind of men in black , adjustment bureau shit?!

Do you see cameras around you? No Hollywood actor coming to save you Roger. It’s just you, me and the truth. In a click of my fingers, I can erase you and your entire existence. So it would be prudent if you cooperated. Well at least you’ll be the first.

Fuck this. I am immortal. If these guys think that they can kill me or that I am a time traveller, then they won’t be expecting this.

And with that Roger lunged across the table towards the man and both went tumbling off the chair. The doors opened and more of the men dressed like him entered the room. Roger grabbed the gun and tried to fire it, but it wouldn’t work. So he smashed it across his face. And his body went limp.

Blasts were going everywhere… and one hit Roger in the arm but nothing. He heard their collective gasps. He got this. He looked at the double glazed windows. So what do you have to fear when you are immortal?


Roger smirked and ran towards the window.

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