[WP] You’re a custodian cleaning out lockers in a high school. As you clean the lockers one by one, you learn the legacy of a former student.

It’s not a glamorous job, but it’s pays the rent. And if that means I get to be free and allowed to be my own person then that can only be a good thing.

The mop squeaked along the floor and the beads of sweat on Rachel’s forehead dripped to the floor. She didn’t know what was more frustrating? The fact that she had moped and clean the most filthiest part of the high school or if the drops of sweat would mean she would have to work even longer in the worst part of the school. High school lockers. The pure stentch of the deodorant made her wretch.

However there were certain areas where she knew the kids came from well off families. Their bays smelled of the latest designer fragrance. Something she could only dream of. One day, Rachel would be able to escape this life and become the movie star she dreamed of. At least in this city, she had a fighting chance.
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[WP]You Discover you have the power to go back in time through photographs, but can only interact with or see objects in the photograph.

And on your left is the photo of the first flight of Oliver and Wilbur Wright. Well the subsequent first flight documented.

I looked into the photo and wondered. Did they ever know how far their invention would go? What they were able to accomplish. Thanks to them, we not only flew in the skies but all the way to the stars and now we are looking at how we can go beyond. To new stars, new solar systems, new galaxies in this amazing universe.

I felt a cool breeze. I looked around and couldn’t see a vent or shaft that could be cooling this part of the museum.

Tom if you don’t keep up, we will not wait for you.

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Writing Prompt Day 4

You’re midway into your flight when you, feeling bored, decided to surf the Internet. You read breaking news about another plane disappearance. You’re on that flight.

The view over the Atlantic is beautiful this early in the morning. The wisps of cloud as the plane flies through the air just gives you a sense of calm and wonder. And to think nearly a 100 years ago, man was still wondering whether we would ever be able to fly. And who knows where technology can take us next? I recently read that they were now able to get a coffee machine that makes your drop just the way you like it. Imagine that, after the first 10 or so tries, you’re able to get the machine to create the exact drop. Then using your card, you can go anywhere in the world that has those machines (and they’re thinking of going global) and swipe. Done. Your coffee just the way you like it. One way, same way. The way. Perfect. Just the way you like it.

So what foes that mean for the barista? Does something that is, in my opinion, something that takes the most fundamental of creativity and reduce it to a machine format, what happens to them? Where can we go from there? If anything? What’s next? And how far are we willing to go?
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[WP] As you’ve slept, the teddy bear you adore has fought off demons to keep you safe. The night before you decide you’re going to get rid of him, seeing as how you’ve outgrown him, you awake to witness his last stand against the forces that want to take you.

Really Jack?

But Dad, I can’t sleep without him.

You’re too old for this. What’s going to happen when you go for sleepovers?

I’m going to take Teddy with me.

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[WP] The lottery is an Institution designed to catch Time Travelers.

I don’t know how many reports I had done today. Does anyone even care?

Roger is a day trader for a very respectable Fortune 50 company.

It’s like the same drivel day in and day out. Perhaps this whole work thing is meant to keep us in debt. Working for something that we cannot attain. Why is it that the money divide is so wide? It’s not like I am stupid. In fact, I would say that I am smarter than most of the people. And when I look around everyone just has this dull glaze in their eyes. And when you take public transport, it’s almost like we are the cattle going to the slaughter house to work and then come back.

He’s had a string of success recently but with each eventual promotion, it seems like that the world around him is starting to crumble. Everything is just pointless. Maybe, just maybe he shouldn’t have started reading Orwell’s works.

I mean, no matter how hard you work, or if you do stellar work, it means nothing. Everything is designed to keep you fenced in.

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[WP] God wasn’t sending people to hell as punishment but as an invading force. You have just been “drafted”.

All I saw were the bright beams of the headlights. There was no time to react. I took a deep breath out to soften the impact.

So….this is it. This how it ends.

It didn’t feel like anything.

Did the guy miss?

I felt my arms, they were still there. My feet, my body. I wasn’t bleeding from the head. I didn’t understand.

The darkness started to clear as my eyes adjusted.

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