Writing Prompt Day 4

You’re midway into your flight when you, feeling bored, decided to surf the Internet. You read breaking news about another plane disappearance. You’re on that flight.

The view over the Atlantic is beautiful this early in the morning. The wisps of cloud as the plane flies through the air just gives you a sense of calm and wonder. And to think nearly a 100 years ago, man was still wondering whether we would ever be able to fly. And who knows where technology can take us next? I recently read that they were now able to get a coffee machine that makes your drop just the way you like it. Imagine that, after the first 10 or so tries, you’re able to get the machine to create the exact drop. Then using your card, you can go anywhere in the world that has those machines (and they’re thinking of going global) and swipe. Done. Your coffee just the way you like it. One way, same way. The way. Perfect. Just the way you like it.

So what foes that mean for the barista? Does something that is, in my opinion, something that takes the most fundamental of creativity and reduce it to a machine format, what happens to them? Where can we go from there? If anything? What’s next? And how far are we willing to go?


Damian looked up.

Your breakfast is ready. Eggs Benedict, bacon, tomatoes, button mushrooms, sausage on a sourdough bread.

Thank you. And my coffee?

One double shot seven seeds espresso on it’s way.


Guess flying first class has it’s perks. I would never have thought of being here. I mean all those years ago as a grocery store guy and then finding those law books behind the dumpster. I mean I never knew that I could speed read and have photographic memory. It goes a long way in this day and age. Even when you do have Google for everything. Hell being a lawyer for startups has it’s perks. This microchip is capable of 12 times the computing power of today’s super computers. And unfortunately the big companies don’t want to buy so NanoCorp needs to go overseas for funding.

Sometimes I wonder if my country purposely doesn’t want to support it’s intellectual growth.

My coffee arrived. And it was everything I’d hope it would be. Delicious strong and great.

Gah, all this thinking is hurting my head. I’m breaking my cardinal rule – No WiFi on the airplane. I’m so bored. I’ll make it up by reading more on the flight back.

Gosh this bacon is delicious. Miss, please give my compliments to the chef.

Why thank you, sir. I’ll make sure that gets passed to him.

She smiled and walked away. Yeah, she’s cute. But with all this jet setting, I’ve never had the chance to settle down and have a family. Maybe it’s time? Or maybe I need to build my base so that I can give them all a good life.

This is depressing, I need a distraction.

Damian opened up the papers and scoured the front page. And there was another tragedy that happened earlier this morning.

Ping poong.

Good morning ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. It’s a glorious morning over the Atlantic with a chilly 3 degrees outside and 12 hours to our destination. Our current height is 32,000 feet and with our current speed, we are looking to arrive early by 20-25 minutes. On behalf of Lang Airlines, I’d like to thank you for choosing to fly with us. We may come into some choppy weather but that’s not for a few more hours.

Hmm. Cool. Means I’ll get the time to do some more research and respond to the emails when I land. But this flight the poor people…

Damian went back to reading the paper.

Flight LA878 was over the Atlantic when it crashed. Rescue crews are on their way to see if they can find any survivors. At this rate, we have no idea what has happened to the plane as it seems like everything was normal. We won’t know what happened until we recover the black box. It could be due to the sudden electric storm. Authorities fear that all people on board are lost.


This can’t be.

Damian reached inside his jacket that was on the side and pulled out his ticket. LA878.

That’s this flight. He was on this flight.

He went back to the time.

It’s 5 minutes away.

This has got to be bad journalism. If not, the captain needs to know.

Damian called for the air hostess.

Miss, I don’t mean to alarm you, but I just read online that we are about to crash.

I beg your pardon? She seemed a little startled and a bit pissed off at the suggestion.

I know, I know. I’ve refreshed this page a few times. I need you to load it up and check for yourself.

The air hostess, Rebecca, (man what a cute name) desperately searched for it herself. Her expression gave it away. Without a word she turned and headed for the flight deck with Damian in tow.

Just then two jets crossed the path of the plane causing it to vibrate through the cross wind.

What the hell was that?!

Ladies and gentlemen, seems like we’ll be heading into some turbulence. Please return to your seats and….

And another fly by

…Jesus…what the hell?…

And the PA system cut out. There was a massive explosion. Not on the plane but somewhere close by, everyone rushed to one side. And there it was.

Two F-16s were flying around this thing. This huge behemoth of a thing. Damian had never seen something like this and judging by people’s expressions, neither had anybody else. It was definitely not from this planet.

There was a huge gaping hole in the side.

Everyone get back to your seats NOW!!! Seems like we’ve stepped into a dog fight. I need to take evasive action.

And with that the plane dipped.

People didn’t have enough time. The other ship started firing back and the shots could be heard through the metal of the plane as it missed it.

Then Damian saw it.

They couldn’t move it fast enough. The plane was going to ram the ship.

That’s what they wanted to do all along. Did they know?

The words still rung out in his head “We won’t know what happened until we recover the black box. It could have been due to a sudden electric storm.”

They will never know. This might be a cover up.

Damian shrugged.

At least there’s no more emails. He gripped the seats tight.

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