The Basin: Oak Tree Tavern

You know how they say, you never go visiting your own backyard? Well, here’s a gem that I have been overlooking for all the years that I have been living here. And whilst I love a good steak, this place won me over on so many more reasons and here’s why you’ll love it too.


This is a hidden place at the foothills of the Dandenong Mountains. So much so that I missed the turn off getting to this place. But your best bet is to go to the triangle and secure some of the ample parking that they have available.

First, they have some amazing specials and are currently doing a glass of red and steak for $23. Something so reasonable and close to home that I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity.

Steak and Red at the Oak Tree Tavern

Steak and Red at the Oak Tree Tavern

Second, it was like coming home. The place isn’t too big, but they have barrels for tables and the walls are adorned with memorabilia from around the country and the world. How is it coming home? The steak I asked for… hands down is the best I have had in terms of cooking ever. HANDS DOWN. In terms of tenderness and juicyness, no one else even comes close. Their portion sizes were amazing and to top it off, I even ate the salad. Hell… if you know me, I do all that I can do to skip the salad. And don’t even get me started on the chips. They were crisp on the outside, still warm, soft and fluffy on the inside, coated in sea salt that just made it taste divine. And the mushroom sauce I asked for, had fresh mushrooms in it and the gravy was just the right consistency to ensure you got a satisfying feeling everytime you ate some of it.

All done and satisfied at the Oak Tree Tavern

All done and satisfied at the Oak Tree Tavern

The glass of red, was a glass of red and nothing special to write home about. I wanted a refill of my plate. I didn’t care. I couldn’t. I wish I could have sewn a second stomach onto myself but I didn’t dare.

And then, the band came on. They looked like a motley crew and I wasn’t expecting much. They were all middle aged and well fed. My expectations were dropping fast. Until the singer opened his mouth and played some old classics that I remember my Mum and Dad playing when I was growing up. And the singer spoke to some of the people in the audience and welcomed back a lady from a holiday, giving her friend a hard time for not doing as good a job which made the audience cheer, in what I can only imagine to be acceptance. The lady, who was in the later years of life, laughed a hearty laugh that I hadn’t heard in a long time. Then the drums kicked in, and the bass. Before I knew it, I had been there for 2.5 hours. And I didn’t want to leave.

And that to me, is just amazing and what a good meal is meant to be about. Hell I think I may have just found my local.

TDT: 4.75/5.0

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