[WP]You Discover you have the power to go back in time through photographs, but can only interact with or see objects in the photograph.

And on your left is the photo of the first flight of Oliver and Wilbur Wright. Well the subsequent first flight documented.

I looked into the photo and wondered. Did they ever know how far their invention would go? What they were able to accomplish. Thanks to them, we not only flew in the skies but all the way to the stars and now we are looking at how we can go beyond. To new stars, new solar systems, new galaxies in this amazing universe.

I felt a cool breeze. I looked around and couldn’t see a vent or shaft that could be cooling this part of the museum.

Tom if you don’t keep up, we will not wait for you.


Hold it still.

There was still no one around.

Excuse me.

I said hold it still or you won’t get the take off.


And in that moment I fell forward, over the barricade and into the blown up picture of the first flight.

I was in a field in front of the brothers. Behind them, the first ever flying machine.

Where the dickens did you come from? My snow gear clearly didn’t match the spring Summer that they were in. Plus to them, I was in vivid colours. Bright blue and green. I definitely looked like an alien to them. When I looked around, behind me, I could see the rectangle outline of the frame that held the picture and the museum within it. But apart from what was in the picture, everything else was snow white. Like nothing.

Um, what year is this?


Yes, what year is this?

Why it is 1906 young champ.


Why, what year did you think it was?

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. OMG OMG OMG. Does this mean?

I walked up to the edge of the white and tried to go past it but couldn’t. No matter what I tried.

What ever are you trying to do? Cause if you’re not going to take the photo, then please move aside so the others can do it.

Oh. Mr. Wrights. Can I call you Olly and Will?

You may not….

So Olly and Will, you won’t believe it. Thanks to you, we have been able to make a metal version of this thing fly.

Metal? But that’s way too heavy. You would need an extraordinary force to take such a mechanism off the ground.

No, not for us. Because soon we will have mechanical machines that man use to move around.

But what about the horses?

It becomes something that is relegated to pure entertainment. Of course they also exist in a working sense. But that’s no longer their main function.

Where are you from?

Right here from the United States.

United States?

Oh right. Never mind.

I probably shouldn’t tell them too much. There’s probably some space time continuum I might be blowing.

Olly, it doesn’t matter for now. And you know why?

No little one, tell us why?

Actually, Will piped up, not where are you from but when?

I’m from the future.

The future?

Yes, 2015 to be precise.


They were stunned and fell over backwards. Their mouths agape and expressions of fear on their face.

Don’t worry, you have nothing to be afraid off. I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your hard work and dedication. Thanks to you, we also created the world’s fastest airplane that can cover the entire states in 4 hours from end to end.

That is simply impossible it takes 3 whole weeks with the 6 horses galloping at full speed. And we all know that it is simply impossible for horses to maintain that output.

Yes, but imagine a um…a um…a THOUSAND of those horses that do not tire for the entire ride. THAT’S what we have in the future.

But is it safe?

Yes it is, but like all things, it comes with it’s inherent risks. That type did have a few issues. But look at the possibilities. We did so so much. In fact we even went to the stars.

The stars?

Yes, we went to the moon. And now we’re looking at going and moving to Mars. How amazing is that?

That’s unbelievable.

Believe me. That’s what we are trying to do and all thanks to you both. So keep working on it. And thanks.

Wow. Can you imagine Will?

I want to see Olly.

Knowing is enough Will. Knowing is enough. Thank you Traveller.

No guys, thank you. I better get back to my time. Enjoy this moment, for the world is forever in your debt.

I went back to frame and I could see David standing there. He was stunned. I waved to him and he managed to do a feeble wave back. I put my hand on the edges and jumped. I fell on top of him.

You were in the photograph Tommy. In the actual photograph.

See, I’m not so crazy about my Teddy story now am I?

Maybe now, I’ll be able to talk to Dad….

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