How It Should Have Ended

Down for a laugh? Then get your giggles on with these awesome channels!

These were the first guys that I was recommended to watch on “The YouTubes”. I’m not going to name names, but that conversation is still hilarious GH! Please be aware, that these videos, do in fact, contain… SPOILERS. So if you’re going to watch them before seeing the movie, I cannot be held accountable for your actions. Hell, no one can. Just warning you now…

The latest one (when this post goes live) is their take on Rogue One. And man-oh-man do I agree.

But, whilst this is all fair and good, the real material is the ones about Batman and Superman having coffee in the “Superhero Cafe”. If you don’t understand the comment, “BECAUSE I’M BATMAN”, you will now. It’s worth going through their entire back catalogue just to check out these awesome references.

Are there any hilarious channels you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below.

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