Okami? More like O.M.G

I’m always dubious when someone mentions an “all you can eat” restaurant. Does the quality suffer or are the quantities completely  ‘bite-sized’. Well, when my good friend, DM, mentioned this Japanese place, I thought sure, why not. And what started as a cautious foray turned into a wild adventure!

Consumed: A Whole Lot Of Food
Drank: Water. Cause… why would you dampen your taste with anything else?
TDT: 4.5/5.0


Based in Wantirna, I didn’t really think much of this location. Heck, I couldn’t even find this place directly on Zomato and had to do a Google search to then find the link back to it. Though in getting there, not only was there ample of parking, but the place was PACKED! It had me salivating. Could this actually hold up to it’s potential or would it let me down?


We decided to do the “all you can eat” menu… because… why not. One thing to note – if you waste any food, you will be charged extra. And it’s done on a per 100g basis. So the last thing you want to do is waste any food.

okami-wantirna-4We started with Chawan Mushi – steamed savoury egg custard with chicken and soy bean. It was interesting and the sensation in the mouth was completely different too.

okami-wantirna-2The Octopus Balls were awesome – a highlight to be honest. Of course, this came out a little cold because I think the Chawan Mushi takes 15-20 minutes to create so this could have caused it to cool whilst they served it in pairs. The second time we ordered it however, it came out steaming. And it tasted so so so much better.


okami-wantirna-6The Sushi and Sashimi Platter didn’t match what the menu showed. Luckily, the delicious taste made up for it! It tasted fresh and fluffly. It was a good entry and my “bite-sized” fears were alleviated.

okami-wantirna-5The Prawn Gyoza was another good entry. I liked how juicy it was on the inside.

okami-wantirna-8The Miso Steak – this was hands down the best one on the menu. The beef was tender and the flavour just burst in your mouth!

okami-wantirna-7The Ika  Spicy Miso Yaki – grilled squid in spicy miso sauce was a little tough to separate but the flavours and meat were delicious. And the kick was worth it. Throw in some extra wasabi and your nose would be grateful to you!

okami-wantirna-11The Seafood Tempura was ok in my opinion. To be honest, I would say that you could give this a miss and not actually miss out on anything.

The Sushi Roll Platter was also smaller than expected but it was just as good as the Sushi and Sashimi Platter.okami-wantirna-14

okami-wantirna-10The Teriyaki Chicken steak was good too.

okami-wantirna-9The Chicken Katsume was awesome too!!

okami-wantirna-16The Green Tea ice cream was just… waaay too much for me.

okami-wantirna-15But the Black Sesame ice-cream was on point! And whilst they only serve one scoop of ice cream per person, if you know what your other compatriots like then you could potentially order more for the other person.



29.80 per person. Yeah, that’s it! And all you can eat. Delicious, adventurous and fun!



The atmosphere was great and is definitely one that you can bring a family too. Also a good place for a bunch of friends to come too as well! Although if you’re expecting this to be a quiet date night spot, you are sadly mistaken.okami-wantirna-17okami-wantirna-18



The guy that was serving us, probably cause it was getting to the end of the night was a little curt, but the ladies there were absolutely awesome, attentive and happy to make suggestions!


TDT: 4.5/5.0. Look I don’t know why the other people rated down the line. I enjoyed it and I believe that it was a worthy entry. Do you agree with the entry? Have you been there? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Okami Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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