Passion Meets Cooking At Cilantro Thai Kitchen

Cilantro brings the power of passion, the quest for a unique experience and a twist on modern Thai cuisine all rolled into one. One word? DAYUM!


Located at 723 Mountain Highway in Bayswater, you could drive past this place and not even give it a second thought. With so many restaurants open all around it, you are spoiled for choice in Bayswater. But let me just outline all the reasons why you should go here. If you are looking for parking and can’t find anything on the street, I would recommend you park behind the restaurant – there is plenty of space there.


Strap yourself in, this is going to be one helluva ride.

Cilantro-4We started off with the money bags. You know, the standard fare, but this one was way way better.

It tasted fresh and the crunch was delightful. What was even more surprising was the sauce. Now that chilli sauce had kick. It’s a great addition for the winter.

Cilantro-5The duck spring rolls was brilliant! Utterly brilliant. I could not have asked for anything more. Soft and tender on the inside and bursting with flavour with every bite, the sauce was just the added texture to give this little delight an amazing boost (that it didn’t even need).Cilantro-6
You can’t go to a Thai restraurant and not have a traditional Thai drink. I chose the Cilantro-7Lychee Tea and good heavens, now I know what sweetness tastes like. Maybe all the coffees I have been drinking has accentuated my sweet receptors and I was going from cringing at the sweetness to loosing my mind at it’s flavour. Yeah… I’m a wordsmith. haha
To have a rice dish, we chose the chicken mango rice. Cilantro-8Well, damn. It was good. You have to choose it if you’re eating here.
The beef rendang was cooked to perfection. Cilantro-9Perfection, I tell you! Soft and tender, the beef melted in your mouth. But what was even more amazing is the curry. If they just sold that curry by itself, I would have it on almost everything until I was sick of it. Yes, that good.
The Pork stir fry was, in comparison to other things I had that night, was kinda.. ho hum. Cilantro-10It was good on it’s own, but if want my personal recommendation, skip this one and try the pork hock…
Mother of Gawd. Cilantro-11The delight that overflows from every morsel of this culinary master piece defies all logic. Every bite was delectable, from start to finsih and I didn’t want to talk whilst consuming it. If anything, I yearned for my mouth to be bigger and regretted that this dish came out so late in the dinning experience. Cilantro-12All I could think of is getting a bigger stomach, choosing to have worn my stretchy pants and how fast I could eat the morsel in my mouth so I could grab another. I wanted all of it. How would I describe this? It tastes like pork belly that is crispy all around, yet when you bite into it, it flows out completely naturally. Cooked in it’s own fat, the fatty flavour is present but none of the bad stuff. Literally – the best meal I have had. Look, I’m calling it now – this would be the best pork belly I have had to date. Let’s start with 2018 and go from there.
The King Prawns is scrumptious – dipped into crispy coconut was stunning and filling. Cilantro-13This is a must have item.
And finally, the fried chicken. Cilantro-14Inspired from KFC, Raymond, the chef managed to create his own secret herbs and spices. Not only does it do a much better job than KFC, it’s filled internally with a soft and tender centre that bursts with flavour with every bite.Cilantro-14


From the outside looking in, you may think it’s reasonably priced.
All you need to do is to take one single bite and realise how ridiculously underpriced all these dishes are. I doubt it will stay this under priced for long.


I liked the Thai music – it was soft and had the right tempo, so you never felt like you were in a rush to leave.


The service was on point. There is literally nothing that I could find at fault here. To top it off, having Raymond come and speak to me, and explain how his passion is infused with his food – you would do well to come try it out for yourself!


This is a true hidden gem in the area. Please make sure you go down and check it out. You will not be disappointed. I cannot wait to go back and try the desserts!
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