U Dumpling or Rather U DumpBLING

I am not going to sugar coat this. Get down here now. You can almost miss this hidden gem.


Honestly, you could drive past and miss this place. Heck, you could even walk past it and not know it’s there. I missed it twice and I didn’t know that it was there. You can get ample of parking outside the nearby pharmacy. Make sure you step into the place at 692 Mountain Highway, Bayswater 3153.


Alright, let’s not kid ourselves. These dumplings are amazing. So much so, that I have nicknamed their delicacy as “DumpBLINGS”.

UD-1The pan fried chicken and prawn dumplings were the hit of the night. Also side note, if you are taking friends with you to share in this delight… do not wear white… your companion is likely to force you to eat their soy sauce. Cough Cough – I’m looking at you TJ.WeUD-2We decided to round the meal of dumplings and wontons with fried rice with beef. It was good but nothing too special. I might have to go back and try something else.UD-3The boiled pork and cabbage dumplings were delicious and something you cannot miss whilst eating here. Best to be eaten as soon as it arrives.UD-4Always save the red bean buns for last. My LAWD – soft and melt in your mouth no matter how long the rest of the meal took to eat.
UD-5Heaven in a bowl… gawd damn these Homemade chicken and prawn wontons with spicy peanut sauce were to die for. I didn’t care that I let them get cold… I would eat all of it in a heart beat.



All of this amazingness came to $55 between 2 people. At the end of the meal, we were busy making kung fu panda references about who would fight for the last dumpling. Or maybe… just maybe it was about who would roll the other person out the door.



It’s cozy but not too cozy. Hell, if I were them, I’d add more tables! With the number of takeaway and dine in meals… Geez louise. It was amazing.



I loved it – prompt and the food was delivered quickly even though the queue for the takeaways were huge. Hats off to the chef who managed to keep the kitchen running smoothly.



U Dumpling Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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