Melbourne Mondays: Love, Lights, Life

This week is bound to be extra special. First up, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. The weekend will see the City of Melbourne come alive during the White Night Festival and taking walks into some adventurous terrains will all be in a days work! So let’s get to it.

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One Man’s Journey Into Journeyman

When Lou mentions a restaurant, you go. Just that plain and simple. And you know what? He was right! Gawd the food was delicious and here’s the meal that you should break your fast with!

Consumed: Chilli Scrambled Eggs with smoked tomato, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil and baguette.
Drank: Coffee
TDT: 3.75/5.0

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What Is It Like To Live In Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. From all the people that I have spoken to, and the places I have been, there is no place quite like Melbourne. The biggest thing you will find is the politeness and willingness of people to help you out. Then, the fact that we are all bunch of coffee snobs, or we have our (in)famous hipsters, or truly love our sports. Whatever you’re looking for, you can be bound to find it here, in the gorgeous place of Melbourne.
However, there are some fundamentals you need to know before you begin.

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The Domestic Traveller’s Guide To Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s first colonised city. And the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney for the most livable city is on going battle. However, Melbourne has held the title for more consequtive wins but… I had to see what Sydney was all about. I decided to go on my own and see what Australia’s first colonised city had to offer. Continue reading “The Domestic Traveller’s Guide To Sydney”

The Domestic Traveller Tours – Day 1

When my fellow foodie and good friend from Tasmania, Louis, decides to come down and do a food tour of Melbourne – I was charged with showing off the best and most mouth watering foods on offer.
Here’s that massive list!
To be fair, after writing this post, I had to go through and break them up into individual days. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have given the tour the justice it deserved. And without further ado..

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When You Need to Get Fancy You Go Get Fancy Hanks

When you start a food tour, showcasing the best that Melbourne has to offer, you take them to the best American Smoked Styled cooking – Fancy Hank’s. Having¬†moved from outside the Queen Victoria Market recently, I couldn’t wait to try out their offering.¬†And my oh my, it did not disappoint.

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