Melbourne: The Royal Melbourne Show

The Royal Melbourne show is one of those enduring items that have been running in Victoria since 1868.

First and foremost, you must be aware that this is going to be an expensive trip no matter which way you look at it. To be honest, I’d say take out all the money you want in cash and leave the card at home. Or alternatively, keep a a card with a few 100 just in case. A lesson I’ve definitely learned for next time. At the same time, have fun. Yes it’s expensive, and once you’ve done it, probably not feel like doing it again anytime soon and I don’t blame you. Hell, I don’t want to see my credit cars statement… but I digress. What’s the price that you put on an experience?
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Melbourne: Colonial Tram Car Restaurant

There is nothing more spectacular than being able to relive history. There is a certain joy in making sure a part of the bygone era still lives. Repurposing it to add value and allure to a whole new generation ensures that some of the most remarkable things in history withstand the test of time. Throw in food options and you definitely have a winning option!
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Bits and Bob: Exciting news


The iconic Yarra River that runs through Melbourne

I finally decided to take my blogging to a different level. After close to two years, I believe I’ve got enough of material to go legit.

I’m starting an email list!

Yes….an email list.

It might not mean much to many, but to me it signifies that I want to pursue this professionally! And to top it off, I’ll even be having a free gift!

I know, right? More work but so much more fun. My silence isn’t that I’m not reviewing or forgotten you, it just means that I’m making it better.

Stay awesome and I’ll see you shortly! Keep your eye for the sign up form!!