Bits and Bobs: Quick update

Howdy everyone! Whilst I have a ton of material that I would love to post, I’m currently facing technical issues with my home machine. Unfortunately until I get a replacement, most of the posts will have to go on hold, unless you’re happy for me to post wordy updates, then I will.

You know what, perhaps I shall try a few wordy posts. Who knows, it might be just the thing the doctor ordered!

Speak soon!

Port Douglas: Get Ya Kebabs

Get Ya Kebabs

I’ll keep this one brief. Go get ya kebabs from here. And speak to the guy with the dreadlocks. If I told you the history, I wouldn’t put the same amount of passion as he did in re-telling the story. You won’t be disappointed. And I apologise in advance for making you re-tell your story. All my love to you man! You definitely made my day more interesting and way less boring! Yes, it’s cheap but when you’re on holiday… so what? Let go and enjoy life! Live, Love, Laugh!

More short burst stories coming soon! Port Douglas is amazing and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

TDT: 4/5

Get yo Kebabs on!