100 Reasons why you should vist The Melbourne Open House

The annual Melbourne Open house, opens a 100 of Melbourne’s most famous and old buildings. This is a once a year opportunity you cannot miss. And here’s why…

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Travelling to Paradise: The Hidden Gems Awaiting You At Port Douglas

Nestled in the top end of Queensland is one of Australia’s most loved treasures: Port Douglas. From here you can travel to the Great Barrier Reef, visit the Wildlife Sanctuary, Historic Court House and some of the most famous restaurants, On The Inlet, Central Hotel, Courthouse Hotel & TAB and much much more on the Port Douglas map!

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Bits and bobs: An update on the silence

Howdy! I took the last week off from all the trappings of modern day life. Or just my life. I was finding that it was getting too hectic and given it was my birthday too, I decided to treat myself to go away somewhere and spend some time figuring out the bigger things in life. I headed to Port Douglas in sunny Queensland, where the temperature was a beautiful low of 21 and maximum of 26 degrees. I have close to 1150 photos to whittle down and managed to get to 23/24 places of the best attractions around there. Here are some of the things I did and learnt… Continue reading

The Great Ocean Road: Day 2

We awoke to the sound of Harley Davidsons. Sure, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoyed it. The day started of by checking out Ngatanwarr – Maits Rest. One of the many sections of the Great Otway National Park and steeped in amazing natural walkways and beautiful trees surrounded by the chirps of exotic birds and babbling brooks. Continue reading

How to take better photos: Understanding ISO

What is ISO?

ISO is the sensitivity of the camera to the incoming light. Lowering the ISO number, the less sensitive it is to the light producing the highest quality image, whereas a higher number increases the sensitivity producing a grainy image.

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Bits and bobs: Now moving into OVERDRIVE!

Since my last update, my skills and my blogging have grown.

I recently enrolled into the Open2Study course about Writing for the Web and User Experience for the web. The course posed a great question – who is your audience?

And honestly, I didn’t know. So I took some time to figure it out: who are the people I’m trying to get to, where these types of people hang out and what I could do to distinguish myself from the rest. There was also a section about checking out your competition.

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