Port Douglas: Mocha’s Pies

After a long stroll, I chose to step into the highly awarded Mocha’s Pies. A quick search on Trip Advisor and thanks to Google, I found that these guys have been winning awards for close to 20 years. So I was definitely excited to check them out.

Melbourne: Aashiana

Nestled in the leafy suburbs of Balwyn, you’ll find this quiet and unassuming but STELLAR Indian restaurant. I came with my family and dined like a king, opting for one of their banquet selections. And boy was I in for a treat! You see, I trained with the owner’s son, […]

Bits and Bobs: I’m back

My troubled computer issues have now passed. But it will take me a little while to get all my programs up and running again on the new computer. But I’m back! And boy-oh-boy am I glad to be back. Thanks to the wonderful people that did email me to ask […]

Bits and Bobs: Quick update

Howdy everyone! Whilst I have a ton of material that I would love to post, I’m currently facing technical issues with my home machine. Unfortunately until I get a replacement, most of the posts will have to go on hold, unless you’re happy for me to post wordy updates, then […]


It’s been a while since I headed down to Docklands. And you know what, the area has really livened up! There are quite a few new restaurants apart from Pok Pok and I’m definitely going to have some good fun reviewing them. And that’s when I ran into Banoi.

The Lab

After going to Shandong Mama twice in one week, my work colleagues and I were wandering around for something sweet to blunt whatever was left of the appetite. (Read as, we just wanted something sweet). And that’s when we stumbled across The Lab.