Melbourne Open House: Young and Jackson Hotel

Watch out… the flurry of photographs from the weekend are coming!!
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Melbourne Open House: The 2014 Challenge

If you haven’t heard about the Open House Melbourne event happening this weekend, then you might be about to miss one of the most prestigious annual events.
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Melbourne: Black Cod

Catching up with one of my all my time favourite people, I was easily convinced to go to this new restaurant that had opened up in Docklands. The irony is that the Black Cod took over from the place that used to make the most amazing breakfasts. And whilst that restaurant is gone, I whole heartedly welcome the Black Cod.
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Upcoming Events in July 2014

RMIT Lightscape projects at Melbourne Central:
Sounds fascinating, one of it’s kind and definitely something to look forward to.
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Upcoming events June 2014

Makerspace at the Docklands Library

Get electronically creative at the new Docklands Library

At the time of writing this, all sessions have been sold out. I’m keeping a tab on it so that the next time it comes up, I’ll be there.

Given that it’s cooling down, I’m choosing to do a few more indoor styled things, so for now – I’m going into culture mode and looking at the various exhibitions available at the museums in and around Melbourne.
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Melbourne’s Best Takeaway Lunches

Everyone gets busy or sidetracked with life. And that is when the beauty of friendships and networks can really help. I reached out to Menulog to help me with a guest post this week to outline their recommended takeaway menu options in the heart of our city. Needless to say, I will be checking these out in time. The only tweak I’ve added is the map based locations. Enter Menulog. Continue reading “Melbourne’s Best Takeaway Lunches”

The Last Free Guided Tour In Melbourne

It’s not everyday that you get informed about a free tour in your hometown from someone else. And if an interstate friend raves about how awesome the Melbourne tour is, perhaps you’d want to check it out too.

First of all, in all sincerity, it is FREE. It works on tips and to be honest, you’d want to tip big. These people do an amazing job and it’s only their love for the city that allows them to keep doing something like this. Based on my research, this literally is the last “Free Melbourne” Tour, having 3 other companies, it’s only come down to this one. So, if you’re a local or a tourist. Make sure you get down to this place. Continue reading “The Last Free Guided Tour In Melbourne”